Banta: What's Marriage?
Santa: Marriage is the 7th sense of humans that destroys all the six senses and makes the person Non-sense.

Santa waitin at bus stop 1 gentelman came there by 2 wheeler n askea 'u want lift'
Santa: 'No thanks my house is in ground floor' very funny santa banta jokes

Boy to Diana Penty - wil u marry me???
Diana- wat will u do for me??
Boy- I will giv u a better surname.!

Ultimate insult..
I Iove your smile becoz..
My most favorite colour is "YELLOW"!!

MARRIAGE is just a fancy word for adopting an over-grown female child who can't be handled by her parents anymore. marriage jokes

MBA student hugs a girl
Girl: what is dis ?
Boy: direct marketing
Girl: slaps a boy
Boy: what is dis ?? .
Girl: customer's feedback latest jokes

Read this fast N Loudly Dear Friend - funny sms for friends

Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
You are Selected to
Work in the "Railway Station"

Santa to psychologist, "My wife treats me like a dog!" santa banta jokes
Psychologist: Does she abuse, hit or starve you?
Santa: No No... It's a worse! She wants me to be faithful!

The government should make it mandatory to print a "Statutory Warning" on Wedding Cards
like on Cigarette packets that: Marriage may be injurious to Wealth!

USA: If you attack us, we will attack you.
ISRAEL: If you attack us, we will demolish you.
INDIA: If you attack us, we will not play Cricket with you!

Love and friendship doesn't die due to distance, it's killed by the petrol and diesel price hike.

Santa calls at the airport, "How long is the journey from Chandigarh to Delhi? santa banta funny jokes
Receptionist: 45 Minutes, Sir!
Santa: Only that much! Thanks, I rather walk then spend so much on the air fare.

Whenever I miss U I read ur sms Whenever I want to see U, jokes in english
I jst close my eyes Whenever I want to hear ur voice I throw stones at DOGs

1 Hand on pen
other on phone
1 Ear on Lecture
Other on Gossip
1 Eye on Board
Other on Lover
Who say that Student Life is Easy ?
Actually students are very life/student jokes

Santa was taking nkd bath in a jungle.
All animals were laughing at him.
Santa :why ru laughing?
Animals:ha ha....Your tail is in front side....

Friend: I got a brand new Ford IKON for my wife!
Santa: Wow.! That's an unbelievable exchange offer!

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