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I can nvr let my heart break,
if it beats 4u,
i can nvr let my smile fade, if it smiles 4u.
I can nvr let my love end, if its 4u..

Romantic Messages - Sweetest One -
Sweet i am,
but honey is you !!
image is mine,
but colours are you !!
flowers is me,
but fragnance is you
happy i am,
but reason is u...
Love U

Love N Friendship..
Its a package of "feelings",
Nobody can "Make it",
Nobody can "Break it", Nobody can "Explain it",
Only "I" n "U" can "feel it" .

A hug dsn't only mean 2 hv sm1 in ur arms
But 2 relax tht prsn 4m all sorrows n realiz dm dt thr is sm1 who has dvotd der lyf jus 2 mke u smyl face 4ever.

[Romantic messages for boyfriend]
Leaves May 4get D Tree waves
May 4get D Sea Flowers may 4get d Bee
Even U may 4get Me
I ll Never 4get U

My feelngs r tru n i swear on god,
Dont get me wrng bcoz dis might sound 2 u a bit odd, let me hold u in my arms jst 1 more tme
So tht i cn believe dat u r mine

-:: Romantic Messages - 4 Best Loving relation ::-
Wat is real bt invisble?
Ur care.
Wat is true bt unfair?
Ur absence.
Wat is sweet bt naughty?
Ur swile.
Wat is precious bt priceles?
Our relation.

-:: Romantic Messages - What I Feel 4 U ::-

Words cnt express wat i feel on u,
Its also difficult 4 me to prove,
Bt i knw my heart z true wen i say i m lucky 2 hv a frnd like u..

If i m out of tme n i cud pic 1day 1moment n keep it new,of all of d day i have lived i wud pick d day i met u,

I Live wid Faith... &whethr i c u or not, i knw ur still d same! A cute.luvable n stupid frnd of mine wid no chances of improvmnt bt Still d best!

People say v r crazy wen v smile wid no reason wen v r alone,
They nvr knw its d real smile wid sweetest reason wid sum1 in thoughtz..

Romantic messages for wife -
5 Lovable words:-
"I am alone without u "
4 Pleasant words:-
"I care 4 u"
3 Sweet words:-
"I like u"
2 Special words:-
"Miss U "
1 Important word:-
" U "

A sweet Luv talk.
Boy: I dont dance but wud luv 2 hold u while u do.
Girl: Even I dnt dance but wud luv 2 dance if it gives me a reason 2b in ur arms...:-)

Romantic messages for husband -

U're My 1st THOUGHT In The Morning
Every MOMENT In Between
I'm Lost In Ur Eyes
When Night Arrives
U Are In My Dream
Miss U Swt Heart.

Defination of HUG- "Wen u Luv d soul of sum1 too much n u cant dscribe ur feeling by any comunication & want 2 gve a luving Touch 2 dat 1 whom u luv da most"

Romantic Messages - Boy & Girl-

LOVE belongs 2 Boy & Girl
STUDY belongs 2 Teacher & Student
LIFE belongs 2 Husband & wife
True love belongs 2 just "U" & "ME"

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