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A strong thought:

Never make a bit of gap between the dear ones,
coz u will never bear d pain
when d gap is filled by some one else...

gud mrng.

Rehna to chahte the sath unk,
Par is zamane ne rehne na diya,
Kabhi waqt ki khamoshi me khamosh rahe,
To kabhi unki khamoshi ne kuch kehne na diya.
Gud mrng.

Dont always adjust with others in life,
find smtym and enjoy being urself.
bcoz True relations never break wen u b urself.
gud mrng

The Light of God surrounds us.
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Good Morning

Start d day with positive thoughts & mindset 2 feel positivity throughout d day
Have a pleasant positive morning & a Progressive day ahead.

A "Good Morning" prayer for U...

God bless Ur day & keep U Safe from Harm &

More & may U have a better One Than the day before!

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching ur goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.

Good Morning & Make A Goal In Ur Life!!

Good Morninggg INDIA,
Bhai Logo Ko Salaam,
frndz log Ko Hi,
Buzurgo Ko Adaab
Khas logo Ko
Jadu Ki Jhappi With Pappi..

Some beautiful flowers...

to bring fragrance to ur life

Wish u a Sweet Morning !!!

Lovely thought of d day-
Worries are like a bird, let them fly over u..
Bt, dont give them a chance to build a nest on ur head.!!:-)
gm dear!

I Never explain myself to anyone"
Prsn who likes me,
doesnt need it...
Nd Prsn who dislikes me,
wont believe it...
Gud morg...

Yuhi mudkar na dekha hoga unhone,
Abhi kuch chahat to baki hogi,
Bhale hi ji rahe honge kitne sukun se wo,
Tadpane k liye hmari bas 1 yad hi kafi

I'm missing u knw.
I need u knw.
I make up mah mind.
I can't forget u anyhow.
bt i can feel u all around.
cuz i luv u knw!!!
Gud mrng mah life!!!!!

You're mah strength....
You're mah world....
You're mah beautiful poem....
Which always mah lonlyness heard....!!!
gud mrng

Beautiful lines told by a boy after proposing to a girl

" take ur own tym ,but dont take my life time"...

gud mrng

A se acchi morning
B se beautiful mrning
C se charming mrning
D se dreamy mrning
E se equaly morning
F se fairy morning
G se ab ye Bhi mai batau kya GOOD MORNING

A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking u to Forget all ur Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone
Who Wants to See You Happy. gd mrng

Beautiful Quote:

"The Greatest gift V can give to Someone, is d Purity of our Affection"

Gud mrg

Lovely good morning sms - all sorts of good morning wishes sms for love, lover, beloved, girl, girlfriend, wife, husband.

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