Her bright warm heart,
Is where I wish to reside.

Kissed by moonlight,
She is as beautiful as a twilight,
Star-soaked and I am mesmerized.

If I could make a world,
Adorned by silk and stars,
You’d be its moon.

Her heart is full of gems and gold,
She talks in language of the oceans,
And all I want to do,
Is to flee from this cruel world,
Inside her heart.
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She is a masterpiece,
In a language,
The world cannot understand.
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She is a song I cannot explain in words.

Bell has no sound till some1 rings it,
Song has no tune until some1 sings it..
So never hide ur feelings ,
Coz it has no value till some1 feels it

Wen lots of ppl start to luv u & u may get confused whom to luv,
Just tell them I HATE U!
Everyone will get back but not d person who truly loves u!

You have beautiful eyes; they are so expressive, showcasing the whole damn world.

You are special; you have a pleasant vibe; you spark up my whole world.

You are as delicate as a butterfly; you make my heart flutter. •cheesy lines for gf

You resemble a wave; you pull me towards a tide I could never resist.

She is an angel,
That makes everything special,
With an immense beauty,
You shine above everything.
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She is beautiful,
Like the colors of the sunset,
And the stars in the sky,
And the waves of the blue seas.

U cant wrap love in a box,
But u can wrap a person in a hug..
A hug delights, Warms & Charms..
Dat must b y God gave us arms..

LØVÊ is not only gaining sum1,
But also losing urself to sum1..
If 1 loves u, its not coz of ur excellence..
Its coz of d purity of ur heart

Heartbeats r d biggest hypocrites in d world!
They beat in ur heart but always dance to d tune of someone else!

Its a fact-
Wen u r happy, u want to reach d person u love most..
But wen u r sad, u want to reach d person who loves u most..

A sensible proposal from a boy to a beautiful girl- "Hey Angel! I'm not forcing u
to love me.. But don't let love b d reason for hating me..

Do u know why ppl say dat u don't feel sleepy wen u r in luv???
Coz for d 1st time, u find reality more beautiful than ur dreams..

Don't search 4 eyes which never want2 see u..
But never try to escape from D eyes which r always searching 4 u

Small girl & Boy were crying together..
Wen asked Y??
Girl said- 'My doll has broken!!'
Boy said- 'I'm cryng coz my doll is crying!

U can hide pain u feel,
& make others believe dat u can move on!
But u cant deny d truth dat d 1 who has hurt u is still d 1 u always choose 2 luv!!

To luv is duty & right,
To b loved is a gift & luck..
To luv sum1 who luvs u is an achievement..
& to b luvd by sum1 whom u luv is life..

In life There are 6 things u must never lose,
2..Self Respect
OFCOURSE ME, the Great

Nice words written by a boy who lost his love in Tsunami-
"Sea, I'll never forgive u in my life even if ur waves touch my feet a Million times!!!!

Love doesnt start in Day & end in Night!
It starts wen u dont need it & ends wen u need it d most!!

Love SMS for Girlfriend-

Love is beautiful like butterfly!
Wen u try to catch it, it flies away..
But wen u wait silently, it comes & touches u..
So wait for ur butterfly!

Wen U love
U get hurt.
Wen U get hurt
U hate.
Wen U hate
U try 2 forget.
Wen U try 2 forget
U start missing.
Wen U start missing
U fall in love again..

A Cute Love Story!
There Was A Husband Who Daily
Sent His Wife A Rose Wen Evr He
Was Out Of Town
1 Day He Died..
Still His Wife Recieved A Rose
She Was Shocked
She Asked D Florist
He Told Her
Dat Her Husband Had Paid Advance 4 Her Whole Life
So Luv Sm1 Such dat It Remains 4 Ever ..

Love Application 4 U to my Girlfriend
Ownr Of My Hrt & My Life
I Beg To Say Dat I Luv U & I Cant Live Widout U
So, Kindly Give Me Sm Place In ur Hrt
I Shall B Vry Glad 2 U

Urs Obediently,
Name : Lover
Class : Love
Date : Nevr Ended Love

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